The Final Count Down to Christmas

Final days

We are into the last count down on Christmas shopping. Do I feel rushed or harried? YES! I have just gotten started shopping and it is December 22. I am getting a little panicky I have to work and take care of grandkids and just live my usual day to day life, which isn’t very exciting but is filled with tedious task that are mundane and boring.

I have gotten the two most difficult people out of the way. (Thank you Pier One) Three of the five grandkids are more or less done and the other two are not being very helpful with hints. They will get what I give them and be happy. That’ll teach them.

So here I am with 3 days left until the BIG day. I have to plan a menu and shop for that, I have to clean my house better than usual, and I have to finish shopping. I am usually organized, have everything done in plenty of time, and remain pretty chipper through the process. This year I find myself a bit frazzled and snapping orders that are intended to get things done but instead are just getting me looks that say “Who do you think you are, giving me orders?” I have been sighing those big sighs which say to all in the room that I am exasperated and feel put upon. I am ignored and they continue with whatever project, TV show or game they are playing.

This madness must end and it must end now. Maybe it would have more of an effect if I said something instead of trying to get them to read my mind. I know in the end it will all work out, I will get my shopping done, I will get the menu planned and shopping for food will get done, the house cleaning may be a little iffy, and I will be less grouchy and not sigh nearly as much. It always works out somehow and we always have a great day, but the build up and the panic always take a hold for a few days and make my life a bit miserable. Maybe it’s that adrenaline rush to make it a good day that keeps me motivated. I just know I will sleep much better the night of December 25th then December 24. Then the clean up starts and all the decorations have to come down and be put away. At least there is no hurry there, as long as everything is put away by Valentines Day.