Real Flower Greeting Cards

The art of communication has changed with time, but there is still nothing like receiving a beautiful hand-written greeting card.

Delicate, Handmade Greeting Cards Enhance the Natural Beauty of Flowers

A simple, joyful message complemented by the beauty of our handcrafted cards will surely do the trick. Each of our unique, real flower gift cards is a work of art that can be framed and enjoyed for years to come. Enhance the warm memories of a special events or meaningful experience in the lives of those you love.

Why not brighten a day or inspire a smile in someone you know and care for?

We offer the following lines of Gift Cards, each with their own unique and beautiful qualities:

The Classic Collection

Bouquets, gift baskets, butterflies, cats and birds...all grace this classic white collection enhanced with sculptured embossing and beautiful pastel foils that frame our real pressed flower art. Our artists have combined traditional flower pressing craftsmanship with archival papers to create a keepsake gift card for those special occasions when your customer wants to create and preserve a precious moment.

Celebration Cards

Our seasonal gift cards include Valentines Day cards, Easter cards and Mother's Day cards. Easter and Mother's Day cards come with elegant keepsake bookmarks, matched perfectly to each holiday. Our Valentine's Day cards feature delicate real pressed flowers in designs to celebrate the gift of love.

Garden Treasures

Delicate patterns, colors and textures of handmade paper designs enhance the natural beauty of real pressed flowers. Delicate blossoms were carefully selected, pressed and assembled into exquisite keepsake floral gift cards. Each card is a handcrafted original featuring beautiful, real flower and natural paper art.

Inspirations and Invitations

Express yourself by choosing from our exclusive collection of real pressed flower designs on an embossed, deckle-edge card frame. Cards are combined with a color coordinated envelope and blank insert. Choose from designs with decorative borders or scriptures. These cards make excellent invitations!

Bookmark Gift Cards

Our bookmark cards feature embossed backgrounds on textured paper with deckle edges and colored envelopes. Each real flower bookmark is detachable and can be gently removed for use on a favorite book or Bible.