Delicate Stationery and Personalized Seals

Resurrect the "Art"in the "Art of Communication"

Be inspired to express the love and friendship you feel for every special person in your life.

When is the last time you wrote a letter with a pen, not typed an email or sent a text, to a friend? Technology has created an amazing opportunity for each of us to light up the day of those we care about by sending a handwritten letter - you can bet yours is the only one they will receive this month and maybe this year!

Resurrect the "art" in the "art of communication."

It's time to resurrect those personal connections we have abandoned to technology. No email can compete with the written word.

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We offer the following Stationery sets, each with its own unique and delicate qualities:

Wildflower Premium Stationery

The "Wildflower Collection" is a delicate stationery packet with beautifully reproduced real pressed flower designs. Each packet contains 10 printer friendly 5" x 7" full color note sheets and 10 matching envelopes in a personal gift portfolio. The stationery set is perfectly portable - fits in purse or backpack.

Garden Dwellers Stationery

Our little "Garden Dwellers" are crafted from flower petals, leaves and twigs. They live in our gardens and delicately grace our stationery designs of natural papers. The stationery is packaged in elegant textured boxes with embossed foil highlights. Each box contains 18 folded stationery sheets, 12 matching envelopes and a sheet of 12 Garden Dweller stationery seals. The colors are uplifting, the paper is beautiful, and the boxes are keepsake quality.

Floral Postal Notes

Our Floral Postal Notes feature natural paper art and exquisite pressed flower designs. Each keepsake box is accented with an embossed foil edge, and contains 12 premium postal notes and 12 foil embossed floral seals.

Personal Initialized Stationery Seals

Our personal initialized seals enhance and personalize your cards, notes, and letters. These seals allow you to add your own family initial in warm gold foil, delicately framed by a wreath of real pressed flower art. Our seals are flexible and can be places on your note or envelope to send through the mail. One sheet has 8 seals. 

Floral Stationery Seals

These authentic reproductions from our private collection of real pressed floral designs showcase beautiful, delicate flowers in a sheet of 6 seals.

Garden Dweller Family Stationery Seals

We hope you enjoy our friendly little family of "Garden Dwellers." Wings, bodies, eyes and more have all been carefully crafted from flower petals, leaves and twigs to create each of the members of the Garden Dweller family. Seal your envelopes and decorate letters with these little personalities.