Floral Note Cards

Short Notes to Friends and Loved Ones Mean so Much

Floral Note Cards

Always have beautiful Floral Note Cards to wrap your thoughts in with these boxed sets. Beautiful natural paper designs enhance each floral element which is intricately reproduced on each of our gorgeous cards.

"Thank you for being there..."

"Your friendship means so much..."

"That was an amazing accomplishment..."

"You really made a difference..."

"I miss you..."

Whatever your reason for staying in touch, our beautiful floral note cards will add not only a touch of class to your communication, but it will provide the recipient with a bit of art to remember you by.

We offer the following lines of floral note cards, each with its own intricate and beautiful qualities:

Boxed Thank You Cards

Our thank you cards are perfect expressions of your appreciation. They also make wonderful gifts in themselves. Beautifully designed boxes hold 8 thank you cards and 8 envelopes.

Floral Boxed Note Card Gifts

Beautifully printed flower designs featuring wild roses, violas, daisies and more in a unique gift box. Each gift box contains 10 floral note cards and 10 envelopes.

Boxed Christmas Cards

Our Boxed Christmas Cards are a perfect way to express your faith. Our vibrant portfolios of premium Christmas cards express the real significance of the season. The cards are detailed with embossed foil accents, real pressed flower designs and beautiful calligraphy as well as actual eyewitness accounts from the Gospel of Luke. Each box contains 12 - 5" x 7" cards on premium cover stock and 12 envelopes.