Beautiful Keepsake Journals

Recording history with words and photographs is a time-honored tradition.

Preserve & Enhance Your Memories

We can all benefit from recording our own story, or special memories of our family & loved ones. Journals are the perfect way to commemorate these thoughts and experiences for ourselves, to remember, and for future generations.

Memories are our most precious heritage, and Creative Graphics has created an exciting collection of beautiful journals to preserve and enhance those special events and memorable times for years to come. Photos fit effortlessly into the archival quality sleeves interspersed with beautifully detailed text pages for documenting the important events in our lives.

The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.

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We offer the following lines of Journals, each with their own unique and beautiful qualities:

Personal Journals

Our personal journals are designed with a unique combination of pressed flowers and natural paper. Each journal contains a ribbon and pendant place keeper, elegant interior pages, and six double-sided photo sleeves. Whether purchased as a special gift or for one's own use, these journals are sure to be filled with special memories and treasured for years to come.

Garden Dwellers

Our new line of Garden Dwellers Personal Journals preserve and enhance those special events and memories for years to come. All journals are designed with an adorable variety of little creatures that we see in our gardens. Each individual little creature is handcrafted with beautiful flower petals, twigs, leaves and seeds to give each journal a unique touch.