Roses the flowers of love?

Valentines Day has come and gone, all the roses that were sent to express love, be it for a wife, girlfriend, mother, or lover, have long since withered and died. The thought was greatly appreciated by all who received them, but would they be as happy if they knew the true meaning of some of the colors of roses given.

According to the Language of Flowers for instance we know that a red rose means love, but when you change the shade, however slightly, you get a whole different meaning. A burgundy rose means unconscious love, where as a deep red rose means bashful. Where does the shade cross over from red to deep red and deep red to burgundy? Most the men I know think red is red no matter what shade it is. Then you throw in pink which can range in several shades from a soft pink to almost red and the meaning is perfect happiness. You would think a white rose would be a simple answer, but think again because now you have a rose that stands for purity as well as spiritual love. But when you mix a bouquet of white roses and red roses you would think you would get pure love but not so fast instead you get unity. Heaven forbid you give a yellow rose because its meaning is a decrease of love and jealousy. A multi-colored rose is supposed to mean reward whatever that is supposed to mean. This silliness even goes into the rosebuds themselves where a red rosebud means pure and lovely and a white rosebud means girlhood. Who needs this kind of pressure? I have decided my favorite rose is the wild rose because its meaning is SIMPLICITY.

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