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History of Floral Treasures

“It was a dark and stormy night”...actually in Oregon it was just another grey day with some gentle rain.

We started by recognizing that even in our high-tech culture, people still wanted to feel the touch of real handcrafted social expression art—emotional flower art to be exact.

How To Press Flowers Like our Artisans

How To Press Flowers Like our ArtisansMany creative people who try to press flowers on their own tend to find their results disappointing, often ending up with faded or discolored blossoms. We asked the artisans how to press flowers and retain its essential form and beauty like they do. After speaking with them, we found it was a fascinatingly simple, but necessary process:

Grace Filled Living

Grace Filled LivingIn our fast-paced, virtual, modern age, relationships have greatly transformed from what they were not so long ago. As culture and arts morph and evolve there remains a nod to a time when real, genuine, personal connection was the crux of our society and social interactions.

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