Fern & Larkspur Card

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Fern & Larkspur Card Image


No doubt about it ferns embody "fascination." Larkspur blossoms, fern and dainty little blooms were carefully placed to create a collaboration of floral bliss. This Garden Treasure card also features recycled paper and delicate foil details.

The flowers and plants on this card have the following meanings:

Fern or Polypodiacea - 'fascination'
Red Carnation or Dianthus Caryophyllus- 'pure & deep love'
Larkspur or Consolida Ambigua - 'lightness, levity'
Queen-Anne's-Lace or Daucus Carota - 'haven'
Lupine or Lupinus - 'melancholy'

This card makes a wonderful gift for a birthday.

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