Deluxe Ladybug Stationery Gift Set

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Deluxe Ladybug Stationery Gift Set


All of our lovely Ladybug Garden Dwellers are made from flower petals, leaves, twigs and placed on complementing paper. They are the little friendly creatures that travel through our gardens. Also inside this set is a bookmark that says, "it is liking the things we have to do that makes life blessed".

This Ladybug Stationary Set displays our friendly Garden Dweller ladybug. This set includes:

  • Journal with bookmark inside
  • Regular and mini notepad
  • Our boxed stationery with stationery seals

All of these items are matching pieces from our Ladybug Garden Dweller collection. The beautiful flowers and charming little ladybug on each of these items make this gift set a lovely gift for a friend or family member. The inspiring quote also makes it a great gift for someone who just landed their dream job.