Language of Flowers

Ever since the early Victorian era, flowers have been used in place of words to represent feelings. Many people may not know this, but flowers have a language all of their own. Each emotion can be represented in one form or another by these beautiful blossoms of expression.

Language of FlowersAs every flower lover has learned, the language of flowers is a wonderful, thoughtful way to express your emotions and feelings to those you care about. 

Below are just a few examples of the wonderful, elegant language of flowers and their meanings. Some flowers hold multiple meanings, and can be used in different ways to express a variety of emotions. If you choose a floral gift with multiple flowers, you can look up each flowers' meaning on the downloadable Victorian Floral Code below.

We hope that the eloquent language of flowers becomes a language you will use to express your true feelings for those you care about. 

Larkspur for 'lightness,' 'longevity' and 'laughter'

Heliotrope for 'devotion'

Fern for 'fascination' and 'sincerity'

Forget-me-not for 'true love' and 'do not forget'

Verbena for 'I understand' and 'sensitivity'

Viola for 'happiness' and 'faithfulness'

Geranium for 'comfort' and 'health'

Queen Anne's Lace for 'haven'

Desert Rose for 'happiness'

Daisy for 'thoughts of you'

Goldenrod for 'encouragement'

Johnny Jump-Up for 'faithfulness'

Rose Leaves for 'never trouble'

Red Carnation for 'pure and deep love'

Click here to download the full language of flowers.