Garden Dweller Mugs

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Beautiful, Unique & Inspirational

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These coffee cups are great for birthdays, Mother’s Day, a teacher gift, house warming, or just to cheer up a friend.

Whatever the occasion, they are the perfect way to express your feelings of appreciation, love, and friendship.

Each mug features one of our precious Garden Dwellers and an inspiring quote that will help you get your day off to a great start.

Read more about each below:

Butterfly Mug

A fluttery creature adds whimsical delight to your day. The included quote is:

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

This quote reminds us to keep flying through life, like a butterfly, without the stress or worry that tomorrow brings.

Bumble Bee Mug

The playful little bee on this mug inspires thoughts of spring and summertime. The included quote is:

We have been friends in sunshine and in shade

Our friendships come with highs and lows, but will stay intact. Remind your friends of how you feel with this inspirational gift.

Dragonfly Mug

An enchanting dragonfly flutters above a beautiful red flower. The Dragonfly Mug is perfect to light up someone's day. The included quote is:

We cannot see tomorrow but we have this day … to laugh, to love, to hope

This inspiring quote makes the Dragonfly Mug a great gift for anyone in need of inspiration, whether it's for a friend or for yourself.

Ladybug Mug

Start each day with a smile when you see the adorable little ladybug on this sweet mug. The included quote is:

It is liking the things we have to do that make life blessed

This is the ideal gift for a coworker, employee or even a teacher. It is a simple reminder to enjoy what we do each day, and know that we are truly blessed.

Cricket Mug

This little tranquil critter can be found on a flower stem on the side of this mug. Some people find the sound of crickets relaxing, so take this mug and curl up with your evening cup of tea or hot cocoa. The included quote is:

Don't hurry, don't worry, and don't forget to smell the flowers

The quote on this mug is the perfect reminder to slow down and relax. Give this mug to a friend or as a Thank You present.

Caterpillar Mug

This loveable little creature can be found making its way up the side of your mug. As the caterpillar is always looking up, the accompanying quote is appropos: 

Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)

This uplifting quote reminds us to stay positive and enjoy each day as it comes. This mug is great for a Graduation present or to give someone to lift their spirits.